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Kali Silat Evolution

The founder of Kali Silat Evolution Punong Guro Jeff Espinous was born in 1963 in Paris, France. He started to training Martial Arts in 1968 with Wrestling then in 1970 in Viet Vo Dao. Since he has been certified in several Martial Arts Styles including Boxe Francaise Savate, Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Viet Vo Dao, Ju Jutsu, Kempo, Muay Thai, Modern Arnis, Inayan Eskrima, Kali / JKD, different styles of FMA and Pencak Silat.

Kali Silat Evolution is a modern synthesis of several traditional Filipino Martial Arts and South East Asian Martial Arts. The training concepts of Kali Sikaran are composed of several sub-systems. These sub-systems are Panantukan (Filipino Boxing), Sikaran (Filipino Kicking), Sinawali (Double Sticks), Solo Baston (Single Stick), Daga (Knife Fighting), Espada Y Daga (Sword and Dagger), Kadena De Mano (Filipino Trapping), Dumog (Filipino Grappling) and Pencak Silat Concept. In addition Kali Sikaran is heavily influenced by the arts of Bando, Krabi Krabong, Muay Boran and Western Boxing Concept.

Kali part of the Kali Silat Evolution includes elements of:
Balintawak / Doce Pares Eskrima / Inayan System of Eskrima / Inosanto Kali / Krabi Krabong / Lucaylucay Kali JKD / Modern Arnis / Maphilindo Silat / Pencak Silat Bukti Negara / Pencak Silat Cimande / Pencak Silat Concept / Pencak Silat Tapak Suci / Silat Kuntaw

In Kali Silat Evolution, these concepts are woven together into a complete and very effective fighting system. Any improvement in one aspect of the Art will lead to an immediate progression in the others. 


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  • Frank StolzenburgBerlin
    Frank Stolzenburg
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    jeff2015Berlin 09.06.2018
    Jeff Espinous
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Kali Silat Evolution

In a combination of empty hands training and weapons training, the practitioner will develop speed, coordination, stamina, strength and reflexes that support self-defense and fighting skills. The Kali Silat Evolution practitioner is trained to be able to adapt to any given situation.

Berlin 2016/06



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